Kaliklatak Plantation Banyuwangi Tours

Kaliklatak Plantation Banyuwangi, special for tourist who want to know the types  of plants on the island of Java, kalikltak plantation is a plantation that has natural beauty background with mountains and have a variety of plants and trees that surround it, located in the district of Banyuwangi, East Java, kaliklatak coffe plantion banyuwangi.
Kaliklatak Plantation
Kaliklatak Plantation Banyuwangi, enjoy the beauty and various plants in Kaliklatak Plantation , Kaliklatak Plantation is located in Banyuwangi east java, approximately 17 meters from the Ferry Ketapang port, with an area of 1013 hectares, which is located at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level, Plantation Kaliklatak originally owned by the company from the Netherlands Mij. Moorman & Co. the leadership of the Administrator of the Netherlands. In 1957 after the holding of negotiations and agreement, the garden changed hands to R. Soehoed Prawiroatmodjo, Featuring a diversity of plants that exist in the farm, also decorate Mount Merapi, in the West of Guangxi plantations times Klatak, feels beautiful estates that have various plants and decorated with Mount Merapi in west plantation Kaliklatak. this plantation is also a producer of coffee, rubber, clove and cocoa and also has various other crops, namely nutmeg, cinnamon, eucalyptus, coconut and fruits such as longan, oranges, and bananas. And for the visitors if already visited or viewed a variety of plants, visitors will be invited to a building or a small cottage which has a height of 20 meters in the hills of mid clove, you can enjoy the beauty of the strait of Bali, Blambangan Peninsula and the island of Bali, tasted wonderful and heart be peaceful. existing facilities in Plantation Kaliklatak, there are also housing for employees, kindergartens, schools, art galleries, places of worship mosques and churches. Arts and sports buildings used for practice dancing, musicians, gymnastics, and sports.
we also provide tours package visit Ijen Crater and Kalikltak tours 2 day 1 night, 

Kaliklatak Plantations Tout Programme : pick up at your hotel in banyuwangi at the time 08.00 am, by using the Car Jeep 4x4. Then will begin the journey towards Kaliklatak about 1 hour, after that arrive in location, will enjoy robusta coffee plantations, rubber, clove and cocoa, nutmeg, cinnamon, eucalyptus, coconut and fruit - fruit such as longan, oranges, and bananas. After enjoying some plants Kaliklatak, then rest to enjoy a typical Kaliklatak Robusta coffee and local food in the Highlands Plantation Cloves, while enjoying the authentic taste of robusta coffee and local food, from there you can also enjoy the panoramic view of the Strait of Bali. if completed, then heading to the factory to see the process of coffee, clove and rubber. But depending on the harvest season as well. After completion of the observation , walked back to the Jeep and drive back to your hotel. Plantation tour was over.

  • Jeep car + driver and Gasoline
  • Local Guide (in English)
  • Mineral water
  • Cost Per Admission Program
  • Hotel
  • Food
  • Ticket Cameras
  • Other personal expense

Kalikltak plantation banyuwangi east java, Kaliklatak Coffe Plantation.
Robusta Coffe In Kalikltak Plantation

kaliklatak plantation banyuwangi east java, kaliklak coffe plantation.
Cacao In Kaliklatak Plantation

kaliklatak plantation banyuwangi, plantation coffe kaliklatak, ijen - kaliklatak plantation tour.
Process Cloves In Kalikltak Plantation

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