Ijen Volcano Crater Banyuwangi

Ijen Crater Java, Indonesia call "Kawah Ijen" is mountain location in Indonesia country, Banyuwangi City, East Java, has famous in the world with the phenomenon of "blue fire", Indonesia call name "api biru" which is the blue fire come out from lava contain methane gas, beside ijen volcano has uniquness "blue fre" ( ijen blu fire tour ) also has beauty panoramic fiew of the lake and traditional miners java work every day in "ijen" morning day ( kawah ijen morning tour). Nice a Holiday and Trip to "Ijen Crater" or  "Kawah Ijen"east java From Bali, Surabaya, Banyuwangi, with Ijen Tamansari Tour, ijen banyuwangi, ijen volcano java, ijen java, ijen blue lava, ijen tour and service, ijen by night tour, ijen tour in morning from banyuwangi or bali.
Kawah Ijen Banyuwangi

Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater Blue Flame or Kawah Ijen Blue Flame, mount Ijen Crater Banyuwangi east java has famous with the Blue "Flame" which come out every day in Ijen at the time night day, we offer cheap price for Ijen Crater Blue Flame tour or Ijen Blue Fire tour, Ijen Tour Blue Fire or Blue Flame Tour in the night, can be from Banyuwangi, Bali.
Ijen Crater 

Village Tracking Tour | tracking in tamansari village nearby kawah ijen

Ijen - Tamansari Village Tracking Tour, enjoy Holiday to Ijen Volcano Tourism and do soft tracking to the Tamansari Village near Ijen Tourism about 15 km to Ijen, enjoy scenery paddy field, java people, and any plants, animals, in Tamansari village like the coffe, banana, clove, cow, buffalo java and others.

Ijen Tamansari Tour, is offer a soft tracking tour also tour package Ijen Tour, Ijen - Village Tracking tour to Tamansari village, for tourists who want to observe the lives of local people in the Tamansari Village, and for the turist can stay in Tamansari Village Homestay for to long time enjoy activity people of java, the village located 15 km to the ijen crater and has a temple named: PT. Temple Ngerimbi, where the last place hoarding Sulpur obtained from the crater later on in production, but It also has views of the rice field and a wide variety of beautiful plants, observing how  farmers will go to the paddy fields to work cultivate the fields, then how the process of planting young rice seedlings and rice harvesting process that is old, observing a variety of other activities will be undertaken surrounding communities, such as sulfur cooking process, cooking food needs in the traditional way of Java, visit the Twin Falls using a Jeep 4x4. In the hope you bring flip flops while visiting Twin Falls, Because We're going through waterways is also currently in the layout beradi The waterfall.

Village Tracking Tour Programme :
Pick Up at Banyuwangi Station Karang Asem, Banyuwangi Ketapang Port, Bayuwangi Hotel, Banyuwangi Area, at the time at 7:00 am, using the Car Jeep 4x4. Then Began the journey to the Taman Sari Village for 1 hour, start soft tracking in the village of Taman Sari, to agricultural areas in the rice fields, see a variety of plants, visit PT. ngerimbi temple which an factory last save sulful from ijen crater, observing the social activities surrounding communities, such as Javanese cook in the traditional way, then continue to visit the twin waterfalls in the village of the village and above. enjoy beauty of the twin waterfalls, if completed, walked back to the Jeep and drive back to your hotel, Vilage Tracking Tour finish.

  • Jeep car + driver and Gasoline
  • Local Guide (in English)
  • Mineral water
  • Hotel
  • Cost Per Admission Program
  • Food
  • Other Personal expenses 

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Waterfall Jagir

Village Tracking In Ijen, Village Tracking Tour, Hiking Ijen Crater, Ijen Tourism, Ijen Tamansari Village, Desa Tamansari, Tamansari/
Beauty Scenery Paddy Field
Come and Joint with us, enjoy your holiday visit to Mount Ijen Crater see Blue Fire, Crater Lake of Ijen and Panoramic View of Rice Field on the Village
Sunset Of Ricefield

Villge Tracking in East Java, Village Tracking In Ijen, Village Tracking Tour, Hiking Ijen Crater, Ijen Tourism, Ijen Tamansari Village, Desa Tamansari, Tamansari/
Harvesting Paddy Field

Ijen Miners

Ijen Blue Fire Tour and Ijen Morning Tour, Mount ijen in Indonesia is volcano mountain in java island, banyuwangi east java, which famous with the Blue "Fire", the Indonesia called name is "Api Biru", offer cheap price tour, trip, tour guide to ijen crater Indonesia (Blue fire Ijen tour), many tourist attraction from foreign come to ijen crater fo see face to face with the "Blue Flame" in ijen crater, ( Blue Flame Tour Ijen),Kawah Ijen Morning tour, Ijen Tamansari Tour.
Ijen Miners

Ijen Tour

Ijen Tour and travel, we offer cheap price tour for ijen tour and trip, ijen tour from surabaya, ijen tour from bali, ijen tour from banyuwangi. ijen tour and trip to ijen tourism, more information about Ijen Tour, contact us.
Ijen Tour

Ijen Crater Java

“Ijen Crater Banyuwangi Regency" Java Island, the Indonesia's called name is “Kawah Ijen”  is volcanoes mountain east java, which always active every day and result of “Sulphur”, the Kawah Ijen is one of mountain  result of ”Blue Fire or Blue Flame” the Indonesia called name is “Api Biru” which is the Blue Fire or Blue Flame come out only in the night day 00.00pm  until 5.15am in the morning day,  beside is Ijen come out  Blue Fire or Blue Flame, at the time is morning day for any tourist can be enjoy beauty of  the “Lake” and miners ijen work every day on crater Up and Down, not only that at the time morning day for the tourist also can be enjoy some of mountains near “Ijen Crater” like : Mount Ranty, Mount , Mount Merapi, Mount Suket, Mount Raung. We offer best price for  tour package holiday in Indonesia tourism  “Ijen Crater Tour or Kawah Ijen Tour” and trip to the “Ijen Volcanoes Crater”  like the : “Ijen Morning Tour”, “Blue Fire Tour”, “Blue Flame Tour”,” Ijen Crater Tour From Surabaya”, “Ijen Crater Tour From Bali”, “Ijen Crater Tour From Banyuwangi”, “Ijen Tour”,”Ijen Travel”, services also tour package like “Bromo Ijen Tour”, “Ijen Bromo Tour”, “Bromo Tour”  Holiday in java island with “Ijen Tamansari Tour”.
Ijen Crater Java

Lake Ijen

Indonesia's Kawah Ijen Volcano or Ijen Crater, holiday to Indonesia country and visit to Kawah Ijen Volcano with cheap price tour and travel, ijen crater tour from Banyuwangi, Ijen Crater Tour From Bali, Ijen Crater Tour From Surabaya.
Lake Ijen